David Jones And The Lower Third - Can't Help Thinking About Me

The sad departure of one Mr David Bowie has led me to check out his early records again. This one in particular stands out. I love the narcissistic tones of the title,  hinting at what is to come in terms of Ziggy and The Thin White Duke. In fact, this would have fitted in perfectly on Ziggy,  perhaps as the last track on side one. It could be from the perspective of Ziggy before he would make it all worthwhile as a rock and roll star, or of a disaffected adolescent (in the Jimmy from Quadrophenia style) who is just discovering clothes, music and hedonism and is about to encounter his soon to be heroes, The Spiders From Mars.  However you look at it, it's a great tune.

The Shoots

Another great garage rock record to savour. Written and produced by Paul Orwell (a favourite of these pages) with vocals by Lord Essien, it blasts it's energy straight into the subconscious like a soon-to-be smithereens Rickenbacker on heat. Turn it on, turn it up , play it loud.

The Ace - Riot Of Sound

If you want to fill your head with quality garage rock, you could do a lot worse than checking out this gem of an album. The Ace, hailing from Leeds and featuring Jonny Magus of Sohostrut fame, have produced Riot Of Sound, a collection of tunes that deliver power, energy, a heartfelt rawness that come through every groove on the record. Standout tunes for me are Man Out Of Time, Misunderstood and Another Teenage Life Is Wasted. Find the album here