Stone Foundation

A warm August morning.  Driving through rush hour crowds, windows down,  letting the delicious Hammond on Pushing Your Luck saturate and educate, the Curtis Mayfield percussion and Ron Isley guitar unleash their wonder.  It's a foot mover and hipshaker.  A blast of upbeat consciousness.  The mood runs across every tune on the album. With guests Nolan Porter,  Graham Parker, Dr Robert Howard, The Four Perfections, Janet and Samantha Harris and The Q Strings, this record is packed with moments like this.

The title says it all.  A Life Unlimited. Don't compromise,  don't limit your ambition, don't let anything hold you back. Whether you write or play or simply want to live the dream, do it on your terms. The music sums up that inspirational world view.  From the first strummed chords of Beverley through the horns that blast through the funk-tinged grooves of Learning The Hard Way, this is an uplifting cocktail of delights that cascade from the speakers in their soulful glory.

There are the jazz-fuelled moments at the opening of Speak Your Piece, evoking the mood of Kind Of Blue to these ears, the glorious hammond on The Night Teller, the uplifting acid house vibes of A Love Uprising.  The powerful moments of soulful joy on Something In The Light will have your feet moving.  The finale Old Partners New Dances will enrich more reflective moments, with its haunting piano and brass refrain.

They hit the heights a year ago with seminal To Find The Spirit.  This record us just as strong, transcending their work to date and taking it to new levels.  From the Horace Panter sleeve art to the horns and the guitar and the harmonies, they have it nailed. A Life Unlimited is a pot poirri of soul boy reference points. Get it, turn it up and live it.