Paul Orwell

After two sell out singles on Heavy Soul, Paul Orwell has released his limited edition debut album. Blowing Your Mind Away was only released on vinyl and the 500 copies that were pressed sold out within hours.

The album deserves it's success. From the opening bars of Like I Did Before it is jam packed with instantly memorable tunes, harmonies and the sort of guitar refrains you might have encountered at Haight Ashbury, or the Kings Road, in 1966.

Such is the quality of the tunes that every track has the potential to be a hit single. You're Nothing special was trailed from the album on the Fred Perry Subculture website in the weeks before release, complete with monochrome, models and authentic Blow Up references.

All in all, this is an essential purchase, one that should be (taking the advice from the reverse of the sleeve that "this music should be played loud") blasting out of discerning stereos across the rock and roll world, or 500 of them.

This is You're Nothing Special