Saturn's Pattern

There's normally some anticipation for a new Paul Weller album. Saturn's Pattern comes  three years after Sonik Kicks and has been trailed on the web and various TV appearances.

The album's opener White Skies heads into psychedelic territory. Its followed by the title track which has a distinctive and very infectious 70s vibe that puts you in mind of  raft of almost forgotten bands of the era (such as Curved Air,  Atomic Rooster and Family). Then comes the glororiously melodic Going My Way, which Weller connoisseurs are agreed is one of the finest tunes he has ever written. Yes. It is that good.

Next up is the Stoogesesque Long Time and the sheer unadulterated funkiness of Pick It Up. Then the record moves into the more hypnotic Balearic beat of I'm Where I Should Be and the epic Phoenix, In The Car and the conclusion of These City Streets, which puts me in mind of his first solo outing from 92.

All in all, this is anaccomplished return to top form. In some ways less extrovert than some of its predecessors,  the album covers the full range of the current Weller repertoire.  Some are saying it's his best since Stanley Road. And you wouldn't argue with that.

Stone Foundation - Beverley

Stone Foundation have been working on a new album over recent months. A Life Unlimited Is released later in the year. One of the new songs - Beverley. - is the signature tune for a short film set in Leicester in the 80s. We haven't seen it but if its anywhere as good as the single, it should be well worth a look. 

For now check out Beverley.