Swinging Japan

Sometimes something jumps out and catches you by surprise, while you were, to all intents and purposes, looking the other way. It doesn't happen often but, when it does, the effect can be breathtaking. Take this record as an example. I mean, the Tokyo mod scene has been well documented online but, sitting here in Europe, you could perhaps be forgiven for not appreciating entirely the vitality of the scene.

There are no excuses now.  Acid Jazz have put together this selection.  It, by all accounts, showcases the cream of the underground bands currently strutting their stuff in Tokyo. From the in your face opener of 6, through the hard edged freakbeat of a raft of bands such as The Marquee, The Furs and The Scarletts, to the dance floor inspired groove of Les Cappuccino (perfect reworking of Blow Up) and others such as The Weekend and The Hair, this compilation will mash up your dance floor,  living space or car stereo.  What matters is that you put this on and turn it up - loud.

The album is available on Acid Jazz. If it whets you appetite for all things Japanese you might also find Emma Rosa Dias' DVD For The Love Of Mod Tokyo (and accompanying For The Love Of Mod London and Faces In The Crowd) of interest.

Here are Les Cappucino