The Spitfires - Stand Down

The Spitfires have a new single out on 2 March. Stand Down is a slice of pure powerpop adrenalin which showcases the band's development as they move things forward musically and lyrically, whilst retaining the sharpness and punk-tinged anger of their early singles. Alongside the uncompromising attitude, there is a definite pop sensibility, along with a distinctive keyboard sound and an ear for a hookline that takes the band into interesting, original territory.

This is a record that flies in the face of the mainstream, with a panache that is attracting followers right across Britain, as well as socially aware lyrics that reflect the state of the nation right now. In short, its probably the most relevant record you'll hear this year. 

They have an album Response out in a few months, which has to be worth the wait.

You can order a limited edition 7 inch copy of Stand Down here here  Check out their Facebook page for more information.

And here's the tune itself, along with another quality video and a tour of their native Watford.