The Sons Of Mod

You know the feeling. You're travelling the highways and byways of what the ordinary world calls social media, and you suddenly come across a band that makes your rhythm and soul antennae start to buzz. That happened to me the other night, in the midst of what has become, at long last,  a glorious English Summer.

There I was, sitting on the terrace, approaching the midnight hour with a glass of suitably chilled lager, and I opened up a video from a band named The Sons Of Mod.   They're an Australian band, from Adelaide, fronted by guitarists Andrew McCulloch and Stephen Di Girolamo, bassist Amir Zaid Abdallah and drummer Hayden Wackerman.  On their Facebook page, they describe their sound as "original awethentic 60s style Maximum R'n'B MODern Sykodelia".  Nice description.

There was a clip on their page which was filmed at a recent alldayer at Bobby Dazzler's in Melbourne and they played a solid brand of hard edged freakbeat, not dissimilar from how The Creation might sound if they formed today.  From what I saw, the clip tells you all you need to know about this band, complete with go go dancers, it seemed to sum up their sound neatly.

I started exploring and found other tunes from them. One called This Is Sound, which is a full on instrumental, and this, Who The XXX Are You.  It was recorded a while back and is another example of the sort of music they're producing. I like the upfront, in your face approach and that guitar sound. This tune is strongly recommended.  Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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