The Moment - new album

So, I get home and its sitting there on the side, a white envelope containing one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. The Moment returned a couple of years back with the single Goodbye Tuesday on Heavy Soul and the 4 track ep on Plastic Pop. Now they're following up that creative peak with this brand new album, where Adrian Holder and Robert Moore are joined by Brett Buddy Ascot of The Chords.

Put it on the stereo. First tune is entitled LOY and the first thing that hits me is the guitar sound, which jumps out at you in a distorted, straight ahead rampage of adrenalin, along with a catchy tune that will be rattling around your head in a day or two.  It's a sound that comes through throughout the album, most noticeably on She's A Modern and Queen Of Battersea, which for me are two of the key tunes on the album, delivering a hard edged vibe and attitude.
There are plenty of distinctly danceable moments.  Dance Your Dance, Now You're Staring  and the wonderfully titled Payday Loan will have you grooving round with their Motown-esque vibe, sharp Rickenbacker chords, horns and Hammond.  Penelope Wood threatens to surprise, with a more acoustic, almost folky flavour.  Then there's the conclusion, the anthemic title track that will pull you in with its irrepressible hook and Kerouac-inspired soul.

The Only Truth Is Music. It's a phrase to live by. The Moment's return lives up to the title. Do yourself a favour. Grab a copy while you can

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