French Boutik - Mieux Comme Ca

Back with more Parisien chic come those doyens of Gallic rhythm and soul, French Boutik. Their ep Dans Paris got the thumbs up from connoisseurs last year and this new collection hits the mark just as effectively.

Mieux Comme Ca contains four tunes, each of which resonate with maximum style and finesse. From the opening guitar of the title track, through the harmonies and hammond organ, this is a selection for bona fide movers and shakers around the technicolor world.  Check out the haunting melodies and power chords of End Of The Line, the mood of Spring that emanates from Le Vie En Couleur, the distinctive guitar refrain, piano and vibes of Tiptoes.

There are vocals that remind of Julie Driscoll and Serge Gainsbourg, guitars that would not sound out of place coming from  Revolver or Rubber Soul, a look courtesy of the early films of Jean Luc Godard and Eric Rohmer. If the world out there is dour and grey, these slices of colour add life and hope and sunshine to a barren palate. It may not be Paris in the Springtime right now but that's what's coming through the speakers. Put on this double vinyl package and turn it up.  Loud.

French Boutik comprise Gabriela Giacoman (vocals), Serge Hoffman (vocals and guitar), Jean-Marc-Joannes (bass), Terry Brossard (piano), Zelda Aquil (drums) and Mad Iky (organ and trumpet).  

Mieux Comme Ca was recorded and mixed by Dennis Rux at Yeah!Yeah!Yeah studios in Hamburg and Talent’s River Studios in Paris.  You can buy it from copaseDisques or via their Facebook ordering page.  Also check out their Facebook home page.

And this is the first video from the collection.

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