The Who, Nottingham Arena

After 50 years of Maximum R&B, you could be forgiven for wanting to put your feet up. If you were in The Who, you  would have other ideas. The latest farewell tour (could this really be the end?)  has gone down well and tonight is no exception.

They seem on fire from the moment they step onstage at Nottingham arena, Roger twirling his microphone, Pete delivering windmill guitar. With a band that includes Pete's brother Simon Townshend, Pino Palladino and Zak Starkey, they run through their set of classics, including early gems such as I Can't Explain and Substitute, throwing unexpected tracks into the mix, most notably the eagerly received Pictures Of Lily which hasn't been played live since the 80s (and then sporadically since the 60s).

The crowd hang on every note, every quip, representative of every generation from 70 to 17. The music is that timeless. The only minor disappointment is the lack of My Generation but that is easily excused by the outstanding delivery of other songs including Won't Get Fooled Again, 5.15 and Bell Boy accompanied by film of  absent friends Keith Moon and John Entwistle.  And the conclusion of Magic Bus is superlative.

A farewell tour? Will they be back for more. You wouldn't bet against it.

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