The Telephones - Hummingbyrd

The Telephones  have a new single out on 30 January which is well worth your time.  Hummingbyrd/Amsterdam are two self-penned tunes that emanate a psychedelic vibe that wouldn't have been out of place on Haight-Ashbury, or on the Kings Road circa '65, yet belongs very much to the twenty first century's deep and magical musical underground.

The sitar on Hummingbyrd, courtesy of Jim Widdop, formerly of Fontana Instincts, is perfection, whilst the jangly guitar could have jumped straight from Revolver and mingled with some of The Byrds' early singles, and The Kinks' as well, come to think of it. Add in the harmonies on both tunes and you have an idea of the mood.

2014 has been a significant year for the band, with the addition of Jim Widdop, drummer Tris Alsbury (who is also with Saracen) and Paul Whittington (ex Eskimo Fires and Leon).   If this sitar-drenched, slice of British pop is anything to go by, they are well  worth watching.  You can check out the band at their Facebook page.

"When you hit that town paint it seven shades of red for me", sings Andy Richardson.  Spot on.  But don't take our work for it.  Have a listen to Hummngbyrd here

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