Plastic Pop Records and Marmalade Sky

Plastic Pop Records are an upcoming label to watch. With the aim of "starting a rock and roll revolution", they retains the credentials and attitude of the classic indie labels, bringing it all up to date for the twenty first century. They are already amassing a roster of great, flamboyant bands, who are destined to bring real music back into peoples' lives in the not too distant future.

One such band is the excellent Marmalade Sky. We have featured them here previously and they always get the adrenalin pumping and feet moving. This is a tune from a while back which comes with this great little video.

This is the Plastic Pop Facebook page. And this is the same for Marmalade Sky.

The Moment

Sometimes it's worth reminding yourself of how uplifting music can be. How about this monster from the eighties, with crashing guitars, poignant lyrics and heartfelt vocals. The Work Gets Done has stood the test of time well. Turn it up.

Reg Presley RIP

Sad to hear that Reg Presley, of the Troggs, has passed away. What better tribute to the man than this. It's an inspirational record that many a sixteen year old budding guitar player - myself included - has played through a cranked up practice amp in his bedroom. An absolute classic.

Psycho - The Sonics

This was recently recommended to me as an example of early, proto-punk. I totally agree. It's an early sixties recording and the unrestrianed pent up anger and testosterone-fuelled passion come through loud and clear. An absolute scorcher. And I love the key change towards the end. Play it loud.