Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our readers. Let's see out 2012 with a reminder of how it should be done. Here's to keeping the faith in 2013.

Adrian Holder

Some great new tunes from The Moment frontman, Adrian Holder. You're gonna (crash) and Queen Of Battersea boast some hard edged guitar, soulful vocals and infectious melody that will get the feet tapping and the hips shaking.

You can hear both songs on his Soundcloud. His My Space page features some of his best tunes from recent years, including the excellent Goodbye Tuesday which appeared on Biff Bang Pow's Shimmy compilation in 2007.

If anyone needed reminding about the importance of The Moment, look no further than the My Space page dedicated to their legacy.

The Novatones

More great new music. These are The Novatones from Southampton. Band members are Anthony Pittman (guitar, lead vocals), Tony Smith (rhythm/lead guitar, backing vocals, Sean Swift (drums, percussion) and Stewart Page (bass guitar,backing vocals).

They are described as "having a sound and energy reminiscent of The Buzzcocks", with other influences cited as The Clash and The Ramones. Find out more at their Facebook page.

They have been part of the Uprising Tour 2012 and, if this is anything to go by, I would hazard a guess that we might be hearing more from them in the not too distant future.

The Astaires

Second in our list promising new bands come The Astaires, who are delivering a brew of garage rock, hard-edged soul and pure attitude. Made up of Cromm Fallon, Johnny Catchings and Paul Gavino, they are undoubtedly ones to watch for in 2013. This is their Facebook page. And this is the excellent Mail Your Love.

The Repeat Offenders

Now that the festive build up is over, it is time to look ahead to the new year. There is plenty of great music out there - new, original sounds being made by bands with soul, flare and imagination. This seems an appropriate moment to feature a few of them.

To start off with, how about a listen to The Repeat Offenders. They hail from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and band members are Andrew Ruddick (vocals,guitar), Graham Holmes (bass), Steve Knock (drums) and Newt Putt (lead guitar). Their tunes include future anthems Dirty Stop Out, Fade Away and Perplexed Mind.

You can find their website here, their My Space here - and, of course, they rock.

Two sad departures

Sadly, it's a moment to say goodbye to two people who, in different ways, influenced my childhood and adolescence.

First of all, came the news of the death of Gerry Anderson, whose work was a key element in my formative years. From Supercar through Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO, and Space 1999, his visions of the future were inspirational. He died over Christmas at the age of 83. This is arguably his most successful creation, and the one for which he is best known.

Second, when I graduated to musical inspiration, and discovered the sweet sounds of soul, Rescue Me was a song that could be relied upon to get my feet moving. It is one of the most uplifting tunes ever recorded, in my book. So it is with sadness that I read that Fontella Bass is no longer with us, having gone to the great dancefloor in the sky at the age of 72. This is the tune in question.

The Festive Twenty Five

It's time to put the Festive Twenty Five to bed. For the record, the tunes selected in the run up to Christmas, in honour of the late, great John Peel, were these:

1 December - In The City - The Jam
2 December - Police And Thieves - Junior Murivn
3 December - No Time To Be Shy - Wideboy Generation
4 December - The Contessa - DC Fontana
5 December - Time For Action - Secret Affair
6 December - Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
7 December - Baby I Need Your Loving - Four Tops
8 December - Maybe Tomorrow - The Chords
9 December - Twisted Beginnings - Illegal Notes
10 December - Stay With Me - The Faces
11 December - Hurricane - The Prisoners
12 December - Baltimore Is The New Brooklyn - J C Brooks And The Uptown Sound
13 December - Biff Bang Pow - The Creation
14 December - Into Tomorrow - Paul Weller
15 December - Love Will Keep Us Together - James Taylor Quartet
16 December - The Jean Genie - David Bowie
17 December - All Or Nothing - Small Faces
18 December - Spark To Start - The Spitfires
19 December - Get It On - T Rex
20 December - Millions Like Us - Purple Hearts
21 December - All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople
22 December - Keep On Keepin On - Nolan Porter
23 December - Blue Collar Jane - The Strypes
24 December - I Can't Explain - The Who
25 December - Happy Xmas War Is Over - John Lennon